Cloud Migration 

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Cloud Computing

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Global Tech Services Cloud  Migration computing solutions have become widespread as more and more people realize their potential. The cloud provides excellent opportunities to accelerate business processes and innovation. The cloud has made serious value-creating innovations, that were not thought possible a few years ago.

Cloud services can be complex however, their importance continues to grow, and there are many benefits of cloud computing for businesses. Some advantages include reduced costs, increased security, and greater reach while maximizing profitability and innovation.

Allows you to capture and process more data.

Provides you with more time for value-adding activities.

Those new ideas give rise to prototypes.

It can leverage new skills that lead to new ideas.

The cloud scales with your growth.


Cloud Assessment

Our experts can review your current application infrastructure and how they relate to cloud readiness, modernization, future growth, and cloud strategy. Our tests are divided into several subsections; Security & Monitoring, Infrastructure, Alerts, Governance, Audits Applications, Development, and Operations. In each area, we provide context regarding your Current State, Analysis, Best Practices, and Recommendations. The assessment provides a roadmap that helps you understand your business and infrastructure requirements. It also provides essential resources for planning and shaping your cloud goals and decisions.


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